Handcrafted Furniture

For over 36 years Warren A. May has been making solid wood, classically designed and constructed furniture. Great care is given to the artistic and natural patterns of the wood’s grain. Each board is hand-selected for its best use. Hand-cut dovetails, mortise and tenon joints, inlaid escutcheons, drawer beading, and carving are some of his fine details.

“A Kentucky-style piece of furniture has, first of all, an honesty of funtion. Just call it sound construction, but with simple, proud lines. To design, visualize, and execute a good piece from start to finish is very difficult. Once I get my piece of wood in hand and I pick up the grain pattern, I can see the proportions and feel really good about it. There’s quite a bit to making a piece of consequence – to make a piece that’s clean and functional and that has a simple, classical stance – country classical.”
— Warren May, quoted in Kentucky Crafts by Phyllis George.

Expanding the selection of finished furniture pieces for sale in his shop has been his objective for 2013-2014. Rising to the occasion, he has in his studio many of his most popular pieces: Southern sideboards, serpentine tables in walnut or cherry, along with a few large classically constructed cabinets. Visitors to Warren’s shop will delight in his “Adventure” desks with artful, natural edges, trestle benches, tables and kitchen accessories.

The youngest of ten children, Warren was born in a log home in Carroll County Kentucky. Being the youngest of ten children, Warren would play around in the wood shop while the older boys went out to do the farm work with his dad. Warren recalls, “My dad could do anything in wood. Both my grandfathers made furniture and my grandmother was part Cherokee and would do straw weaving, one of the old Cherokee Crafts.” Warren earned his Bachelor and Master degrees from Eastern Kentucky University where he was trained in classical woodworking.

Native woods from here in central Kentucky – walnut or cherry are used for each fine piece of furniture. Some of the local woods used have been cut and stored for many years, thus giving a truly warm natural color to each piece. Most pieces are finished with one coat oil and four coats lacquer. Some “natural edge” pieces are finished with oil only.

ALL FINISHED WORK on display is available for sale at our retail store, where Warren completes some handwork onsite. Furniture is available on a first-come, first served basis. Many pieces are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. All work is from Warren’s own designs.

No shipping available on the furniture, but pick-up is welcome and delivery may be arranged within a few hundred miles.